• Line Standers are responsible for waiting in line until the client arrives.
  • Run Us Raggedy will contact Line Stander 24 hours prior to the task and provide them with the client’s name, phone number, line standing location, date, and time of services
  • Line Stander will notify clients by text and verbally by phone informing them of their arrival time.
  • The client will text Runner upon arrival.
  • If the client does not arrive on time or does not respond to the text or verbal call Line Stander must contact Run Us Raggedy and we will dismiss the task and Line Stander will still get paid for services.
  • Line Standers are not allowed to deliver items.

Note: It’s mandatory that Line Stander’s contact Run Us Raggedy 8 hours in advance if they’re not able to complete the task.   If Line Stander does not show or contact Run Us Raggedy their partnership will be revoked.


• Line Standing Service must be scheduled 24 hours in advance
• At the top of the home screen enter your state
• Enter the Line Standing address, complete the required fields and pay for service
• RUR will notify the client by text that the service has been accepted
• RUR will provide the Runner with the client’s telephone number
• Runner will notify the client by text informing them of arrival their time
• Client will text Runner upon arrival
• If Line Standing service is canceled for any reason caused by the client, refunds will not be issued.
• RUR does not ship merchandise. Pay a per mileage fee if you wish to have RUR deliver your merchandise to a drop-off location.

Scedule a service under the “Book Service” tab.

Line Stander Application form


The Social Security Number Is Requested For Background Checks