Are you tired of setting up accounts for everything? Now you can have it all done using just ONE app. Run Us Raggedy is a one-stop shop where you can request concierge/courier services, and assistance for services such as line standing for concert tickets, retail releases, and court hearings, just to name a few. It is a team of assistants right at your fingertips. There’s no errand too big or too small. Did I mention it’s all under ONE platform?!

RUR’s Founder states, “You must download an app for everything these days. Multiple accounts equal multiple headaches. Modern technology should not only provide excitement, but it should also provide convenience and ease. Here at RUR, we know time is priceless and life gets hectic. We’re simplifying life for you.” Not only is Run US Raggedy a genius concept for the overwhelmed, but Omega believes this service will help build both family and community by allowing more time to be spent with loved ones AND providing jobs for those in the surrounding area.

What makes us different: Run Us Raggedy is a technology company that connects everyday individuals and companies to independent contractors who offer errand and concierge services to accommodate one’s needs by saving them time.  RUR does everything for you, whereas other companies provide you with a list of independent contractors to choose from. What a time-consuming and inconvenient process. RUR’s process is simple and straight to the point. You complete a short form and pay for services, and we’ll do the rest within minutes. The purpose of RUR is to provide top-notch service that will allow individuals and companies to focus on the bigger picture and manage their time effectively. We’re your personal superheroes