What Do We Do

RUR specializes in a wide variety of services such as:

Delivery Services:

Below are just a few pick-ups and delivery services we offer.

Tailor Pick-up – Cast your cares on us, let RUR pickup your tuxedos, wedding dresses, ball gowns, and other garments.

Dry Cleaning – At work or miles away and you can’t reach the dry-cleaners before closing, don’t panic a Runner to the rescue.

Groceries – Shop online and have RUR deliver your food and hygienic products to your doorstep. We strive to provide you convenience.

Lunch Program- Let RUR deliver your home-cooked meals to your loved ones in college or at work.

Catering Runs – We help catering companies large and small deliver food to their customers. Individuals book a Runner to deliver your catered food.

Medication – We understand at times it may be difficult to pick up your medication from the pharmacy, no worries RUR has you covered. We are a download away. Book a medication delivery today.

Restaurant Runs – We help restaurant companies large and small deliver food to their customers. Individuals call your favorite restaurant order and pay and then book a RUR Runner to deliver your food.

Appliances – RUR helps you in delivering small and medium appliances to your home or office. Entire delivery cannot exceed 100 lbs

Weddings – Bride, Groom, family, and friends it’s your day to celebrate the party and enjoy. Make sure your wedding planner has the RUR app and book our service today. We’re here help save you time.

Parties – When planning an event you realize there is never enough time or you forgot something small in size but it plays a major part. No problem, RUR can help you resolve this problem quick fast and in a hurry.

Corporate Events – Download the app and book a Runner to deliver your companies catered items and small-medium supplies. Whether office supplies or event supplies RUR has you covered.

Private and Public Event – You need it, we bring it. Banners, party supplies, equipment, and food. Entire delivery cannot exceed 100 lbs.

Pet Pickup – RUR is a pet-friendly family. Pets are like people they are living beings and our Runners care for and treat them with the utmost respect and we go above and beyond to ensure safe delivery. All pets must be caged prior to pick-up and weigh under 70 lbs

Firms and Companies – Are you in need of same-day delivery within the city? If so, RUR delivers documents and packages under 100 lbs. Have an insider from the company download the app and book a Runner

Surprise Gift Delivery – Holidays, anniversaries, special occasions, RUR wants in, let us help you put a smile on a loved one’s face. It’s our secret.

Ride-Share Services:

Our drivers care we are safe and reliable. Lets Roll!

Line Standing:

Congressional and Court Hearings – Hearings are informative and open to the general public. Want to attend but can’t stand in line, book a Runner to stand for you

Entertainment Tickets – Pay for your tickets online -> RUR waits in Line -> Clients shows up 30 minutes prior to enjoy the show

Retail Releases – Fashion is a trending topic, oh and let’s not forget Smart Phones and Black Friday. RUR wants in, Book us to stand in line and a Runner will contact you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your entry. If you prepaid for your items allow us to deliver your merchandise for an additional $2.20 per mile.

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